5 Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal Reviews in 2021

A chisel and hammer can remove tiles just fine, but unless you have a lot of time for the job, you have to rethink your choice of tools.

And in the age where sophisticated power tools can make even the hardest demolition job easier, you should move as far away from basic tools as possible.

Whether you want to dig out tiles in a small condo or you’re up for an industrial job that will take a couple of month to complete, the best demolition hammer for tile removal can help you get the job done, and fast.

We’ve picked some of the most versatile demolition hammers in the market. When you’re not using them to demolish tiles, you can use them to dig up rocky soil, tear through concrete floors, and more.

Brand Note Rating Price
Bosch 11316EVS SDS Max Editor’s Pick
XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Jack Hammer Best Seller
F2C Heavy Duty Electric Jack Hammer Best Value

Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal Review: Top Picks

1. Bosch 11316EVS SDS Max Demolition Hammer

Bosch SDS Max goes hard on tiles as strong as steel, getting even the toughest demolition job completed just in time. Powered by a 14 AMP motor, which provides a consistent circuitry response and performance speed, this hammer can tear about 20,000 pounds of tiles in just 6 days.

The tool’s variable speed makes it a flexible equipment to bring to a demolition job. Easy to adjust to match the impact force of the type of tile, promising up to 1890 blow per minute, and featuring a Vario Lock that locks the chisel into 12 unique positions, the Bosch SDS Max guarantees optimum hammering than many standard hammers do.

This tool’s Service Minder light isn’t a feature you’ll use quite often. But when convenient, it will let you know, on the stop, when it’s necessary to take preventative measures.

Even with the auxiliary handle that swivels up to 360 degrees and padded rear handle that adds comfort, the 23-pound weight is somewhat an overkill for a device that’s supposed to be easy to use. But if you’re going to be taking breaks in between your shift, the weight shouldn’t be much of a concern.


  • Exerts tremendous energy that tear up even the toughest tiles
  • Compact, precise, and versatile, with a constant flow of hammering power
  • Service Minder light is a reliable maintenance indicator
  • SDS Max bit enhances maximum impact energy transfer
  • Constant on switch cancels out trigger fatigue and improve brushes’ lifespan
  • Includes a useful sensor for heat control


  • Not ideal for vertical work
  • Eats through brushes after a period of use

2. Dewalt D25901K Demolition Hammer 

Dewalt D25901K is a versatile power tool that can strip tough tiles, tear up stubborn concrete, and dig out dirt. Lighter than the 35 lbs Makita Demo, this demolition hammer can cut through tiles faster, allowing you to spend less time on the job.

As versatile as it is, Dewalt D25901K isn’t powerful enough to hammer a slab of concrete above 3 inches, although you can take it to the job if you’re a patient person.

When it comes to demolition, the Dewalt D25901K provides more performance power with its 14.0 AMP motor. The rubber handle feels soft when new. It provides a solid grip, which allows you to use the hammer with one or both hands on soft and tough jobs.

Since its rocker switch is large, switching with just a hand is easy and straightforward. Featuring 12 positions with an indexing dial and one-step rotation, the Dewalt D25901K allows you to adjust the chisel according to the angle of demolition.

The dust sealers and the non-air pumping beat piece ensure dust doesn’t get into contact with the housing of the machine, hence enhanced lifespan. The side handles swivels up to 360 degrees, allowing an easy adjustment for comfort and ease of use.


  • Overloading protection allows you to use the device for an extended period
  • Comfortable grip – you can hold it for long
  • Well balanced and performs as expected


  • Can leak if not handled properly

3. XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

The XtremepowerUS is an ideal option for power tool users who need a demolition hammer that includes additional accessories to get the job going.

Because XtremepowerUS Jack Hammer falls in the category of inexpensive power tools, it’s easy to assume that it’s a substandard model. But that’s far from the case. Case on point, it’s one of the cheapest yet most robust machine that’s highly praised for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Ideal for scooping rocky soil, demolishing tiles, and hammering down concrete, there couldn’t be a better inexpensive heavy-duty demolition hammer for tiles to bring home than the XtremepowerUS Jack.

Since this power tool is simple in design and very easy to use, it’s perfect for beginners who’ve never interacted with demolition hammers before.

There’s even weight distribution, so the XtremepowerUS Jack Hammer should be effective in all areas, particularly on floors that look irregular and bumpy.

When you’re on a serious demolition job, you can’t make guesswork on the effectiveness of a power tool. Thankfully, the XtremepowerUS guarantees the best forceful impact that maximizes the removal of tiles from the ground.

Even with the constant vibration present in power tools, the powerful anti-vibration system ensures ease of use and long-term comfort.

Apart from making sure the chisel locks well into different positions, the brand design the hammer even weigh distribution both vertically and horizontally.


  • Chisel and shovel included in the package
  • Powerful 2200 watts motor
  • Includes an option for speed control depending on the nature of the job
  • Even distribution makes it easy for you to work from different angles without straining


  • The handle will wear down over time
  • It’s somewhat heavy so it’ll take some time to get used to the weight
  • The plastic handle can break easily

4. VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill with Vibration Control 

With a load rotation speed of 850 RMP, the VonHaus Rotary Hammer can chisel, drill, and hammer faster than standard hammers. Its 10-AMP motor, which promises high impact energy, can tear through concrete floors and tiled bricks with ease.

There’s a trigger that allows you to regulate the speed of the hammer, so you can drill, hammer, and chisel fast or slowly depending on the nature of the job. VonHaus Rotary has three functional modes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for the task at hand. You can drill, just hammer, or hammer and rotate.

The anti-vibration technology may not be one of VonHaus Rotary’s strongest selling points, but owing to the comfort and ease of use that it provides, it’s hard not to mention the feature. Plus, it weighs only 9 pounds, making it the most lightweight demolition hammer for tile removal.

The handle can swivel 360 degrees, so you can adjust it accordingly until you find a comfortable holding position to work with. Moreover, the handle has a textured feel, so it enhances hand for maximum control on any function mode.

You will love this tile demolition hammer because it includes a host of additional accessories that’ll make your work quite easy. These include drill bits, flat and point chisels, dust cover, SDS (Slotted Drive System) chuck, and drill grease.


  • Includes multiple drill bits
  • Textured handle for better grip, and it swivels 360 degrees
  • Better on-load impact frequency


  • Weak bits, you may need to replace them sooner

5. F2C Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Removing tiles and breaking old concrete requires a heavy-duty machine that can get the job done quickly. And one power tool that does that better is the F2C Electric Demolition Jack Hammer.

Packed with a punch-head drill bits and two chisels, this industrial-grade power tool is already a complete package for the job, and it comes at a price about three times less the value of Dewalt D25901K Demolition Hammer.

The metal outer body does two things extremely well. First, it protects the inner parts of the hammer. Second, it ensures efficient heat dispersion during use. The plastic handle features a plastic construction to provide a perfect shield from electricity, but it isn’t as durable.

Because the chisel easily locks into different positions, you can adjust it accordingly depending on the angles that you prefer.

F2C’s equipped with a 2200 watts motor, which is capable of running at an impact of 1900 per minutes.  Because you get so much power from the device, you can put it to as many jobs as you can. Use it to tear Bricks, remove concrete slabs, and demolish tile stucco.

As small and lightweight as it is, the F2C can even stand up to extensive jobs that would otherwise be hard to handle with standard hammers, as long as you pair it with the right chisel.


  • Rubber used on the handle to provide better grip for smooth hammer control
  • Come with repair tools like Hexagon Bar Wrench and Oil Feeder
  • Include safety accessories for an accident-free work environment
  • Complete metal casing for strength and durability


  • Some people may find the handle uncomfortable

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