4 Best Digital HVAC Gauges to Buy in 2021 [Review]

The days when analog HVAC gauges were a thing are long gone.

That’s because the evolution in the industry has unveiled new tech. So you can now use the best digital HVAC gauges to keep the functionality of cooling devices and air conditioners at the right standard.

Digital gauges are far much improved, performance efficient, and easy to use. They’ve becomes a gamer changer because of their reliability and precision.

And with information output 100% in digital format, professionals like you no longer have to do manual calculation.

The best part is this:

There are different models of digital HVAC gauges that you can buy and use right now. And this guide highlights some of the top rated options in the market.

Check them below:

Brand Note Rating Price
BELEY Refrigeration Digital Editor’s Pick
DLG DI-517 Digital Manifold Gauge Best Budget
Testo 0563 1550 Digital Manifold Kit Best Value

Best Digital HVAC Gauges Reviews: Top Picks

1. BELEY Refrigeration Digital Manifold HVAC System Gauge

BELEY states that this HVAC gauge is a must-have tool. Existing user base say it’s a good gizmo for the price point.

And while it could be better, its performance is obviously not disappointing. Perhaps what draws attention to this gauge is the price point. Going for under $200, BELEY is an ideal digital manifold gauge for someone on a budget.

Price point aside, BELEY is a highly versatile system gauge, so you can use it for winder application in the refrigeration equipment. Whether you in the installation and testing division or you deal with maintenance and the work requires a constant use of a gauge, this is the right model to use.

From experience, plastic built devices are never that great when it comes to durability. But BELEY knocks it out of the pack by making sure their HVAC gauge is as robust and durable as possible. In fact, the plastic casing is so tough that it can stand up to daily use. Thanks to the ergonomic design, even holding it for a long time won’t strain your hands.

The LCD display makes a good communication channel between you and the gauge. The details are displayed in large fonts, so you can have an easy time reading the content on the screen. Since the display is backlit, you can even use the device at night without struggling to see the details.

The model includes a multi-mode and multi-unit switching for convenience and its ability to measure double pressure means you can get different records at the same time. Its dual temperature mode allows you to read measurements in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. There’s even a multi-unit pressure converter that you may find necessary somewhere along the way.


  • This HVAC gauge  gives accurate readings
  • Inexpensive yet well built
  • It’s easy to use, hence a good deal for even the entry-level HVAC professionals
  • Good clamp


  • It doesn’t feature a micron gauge integration

2. DLG DI-517 Digital Manifold Gauge

A digital HVAC gauge doesn’t have to be expensive to give you the best value.

Even an inexpensive model such as the DLG DI-517, which goes for under $200, can be just as effective. Of course, the green yellow color combination gives this system some kind of an iconic appearance. And what we love about it is that it comes with a thoroughly written user manual that helps you understand all its ins and outs.

From a design standpoint, we think this is the perfect example of a simple build packed with the necessary features.

Plus, it weighs around 3 pounds, so it’s lightweight compared to some models in the same price range. And there advantage to this is that it makes portability easy, especially if you’re working in an environment that demands regular switching of position

Inside the DLG DI-517 Digital Manifold Gauge is a 32-bit processor that guarantees real time data processing and accurate results. Primarily, it’s a dual action processor that handles sub cooling and super heat at the same time and then shows the results in digital format on the LCD display.

One of the things that we love about this budget gauge is its versatility. With up to 89 refrigerant profiles, this tool offers you greater flexibility than some models above its price range. It’s this many number of manifolds that it can analyze that makes it a better option for technicians who’re interested in a system that’s more versatile.


  • Has two clamp-on temperature plugs
  • Features a sturdy plastic casing for strength and durability
  • An inexpensive model for technicians on a budget, yet well built with a few premium features
  • Includes two sensing probes


  • The service ports of this gauge leak after some time

3. Fieldpiece SMAN360 3-Port Digital Manifold

Probably not one of the most popular models in the market, but the Fieldpiece SMAN360 Digital Manifold is one of the best HVAC gauges on the market.

You’ll love this unit because its versatility. In other words, you can use to get readings on sub cooling, overheating, and built-in vacuometer. Its ability to get accurate reading from up to 45 refrigerants means endless possibility, so you never have to think about buying another gauge if you have this one.

The integrated vacuometer has a resolution of 50 to 9,999 microns. It also includes a notification option that lets you set an alarm to a given micron level. When the manifold reaches the set level, the vacuometer will emit a sound to alert you to pull the vacuum. Thanks to the alert system, the whole process should go on smoothly.

You’ll love this model because it’s super automated. The readings shown on the display unit are accurate, so you don’t have to second-guess the data, not to mention worry about doing manual calculations or doing random deductions.

It’s satisfying to know that this unit is easy to use. The interface well build, the screen is easy to navigate, and the screen displays all the results in one place.


  • Clear and easy to read display
  • All the data that you need to understand your work is displayed on the screen
  • The firmware of this digital gauge is easy to update


  • You’ll have to  buy the batteries separately
  • This model is expensive

4. Testo 0563 1550 Digital Manifold Kit   

Power tool users who go digital with Testo 0563 1550 Digital Manifold Kit simply never go back.

Because, to be brutally honest, this device beats analog options down to dust. It’s not just convenient in these that it eliminates the need for manual calculation. You’ll also love it because it gives you instant sub cooling and heat readings. Not to mention that it guarantees accurate temperature and pressure reading.

The Testo Refrigeration App is one of the best integration to this digital gauge. Built to connect with your phone via Bluetooth, the app lets you document the work the 0563 1550 Digital Manifold Kit does. The even allows you to compile your job report and share the details via email, without having to leave a job site.

As good as that sounds, though, the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t perfect yet. The range isn’t up to the standard, because it cannot work beyond 20 feet away from sight.

The 0563 1550 Digital Manifold Kit easily attached to a HVAC system for a hand free operation, thanks to the suspension hook. Because this device works well without hoses, no refrigerant gets lost.


  • Manifold easy to hook on system for suction reading
  • The gauge has a decent battery life
  • The Testo app lets you document, finalize, and share your job report
  • The readings you see on the display are accurate


  • It’s hard to unhook the manifold with one hand
  • The rear hook needs a complete makeover
  • It’s a little over priced

How to Choose the Best Digital HVAC Gauge  

The verdict is clear:

Digital HVAC gauges are more efficient than analog gauges. They vary in terms of build, features, and compatibility. As such, you need to make a careful consideration before picking a model to use. So below are some of the things to consider before buying one.


If a digital gauge isn’t compatible with the HVAC system that you’d like to repair, then it’s not worth the money. So don’t make the mistake of picking a gauge unless you’re sure it’s compatible. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you go for a model that has a wide compatibility.

Gauge’s Accuracy

If a gauge doesn’t guarantee accurate reading, then it’s not something you should buy in the first place. Check to make sure that the calibration is up to the required standard. And never pick a unit that doesn’t have any calibration on it, unless you know how to calibrate it on your own.


It doesn’t make sense to buy a digital HVAC system that won’t last. Avoid models made of cheap plastic because they tend to wear and tear fast. Make sure the models made of metals also have a thin layer of coating, which can offer protection from elements. Provided a digital HVAC gauge is scratch and rust resistant, and it’s well built, go for it.

Display Quality

The display of a digital gauge is one of the most important parts of the system. So you need to make sure it’s well built. It’s important to note that some gauges have displays made of plastic while others feature glass construction.

We recommend that you choose an option that has a display made of glass. That’s because it’s scratch resistant and a lot harder to break.  Moreover, a display made of glass is so easy to read that you can even look at it in direct sunlight.

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