5 Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews in 2021

Garden shears and loppers are good for small jobs and perfect for making little touchups here and there.

But they can be messy when it comes to keeping large hedges in good shape, and especially if the hedges are a few feet high. This is where the best gas powered hedge trimmers comes in.

With powerful steel blades and motors that provides enough power to give your hedges a better treat, these machines let you work faster and more efficiently than simple tools ever will.

Although hedge shears are good for small jobs, gas powered hedge trimmers bridge the gap if you want to trim large hedges quickly and professionally.

Brand Note Rating Price
DEWALT DCHT820P1 Max Best Seller
Poulan Pro PR2322 Best Budget
Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Best Value

Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews: Top Picks

1. Greenworks GHT80321 Pro Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Turn an ugly hedge into a beautiful part of a yard with the Greenworks GHT80321 Pro cordless trimmer.

Powered by a rechargeable battery with a 60-minute runtime, generating absolutely no fumes, and running quietly when at work, this pro trimmer lets you get fine cuts with only a few rounds of trimming.

The model’s brushless motor, which works just like a 25cc gas engine, provides more torque for better performance. And the rotating handle, which feels almost 100% ergonomic, gives you the flexibility to trim hedges at different angles, particularly if you’re working in small spaces.

Frankly, a more reliable gas powered hedge trimmer should at least be as lightweight as possible. That way, it’s easy to hold for an extended period without worrying about muscle scratch.

The Greenworks GHT80321 is neither heavy nor lightweight. To some power tool users, the 12 pounds may be too much to carry for an extended period. And those who take frequent breaks in between the trimming job may find the weight reasonably fine.


  • Battery takes only half an hour to charge
  • More torque means reliable power for easier hedge trimming
  • Perfect load balance despite the weight
  • Up to an hour runtime on a single charge


  • May be too heavy for some people
  • The battery runtime on a single charge could be better

2. DEWALT DCHT820P1 Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If appearance were enough to judge the quality of a professional hedge trimmer, the DEWALT DCHT820P1 would take the cake. But looks aren’t a thing is performance isn’t promising, which is why the brand has also optimized this machine for proper functionality.

The 5 Ah lithium ion battery is the model’s gasoline. While Dewalt doesn’t state how long a single full charge is likely to last, you’re likely get an up to 4 hours runtime. Its 2800 SPM cutting stroke isn’t the most powerful output, but it pushes the 22-inch butting blade to the limit so much that it trims branches and twigs as thick as an inch.

The overall weight of this trimmer is reasonably low, making it an ideal option to bring to the most demanding jobs. At only 7.5 pounds, which is almost half the weight of Greenworks GHT80321, Dewalt DCHT820P1 is the right tool to bring to a trimming job that will take some time to finish.


  • Long battery life; can last up to 240 minutes on a single charge
  • If you need a lightweight hedge trimmer, go with this


  • You can’t detach the blades unless you disassemble the whole unit
  • Not the most suitable power tool for heavy-duty trimming

3. Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

You’ve heard that if a power tool is cheap, then it probably won’t make the cut. But Poulan proves us wrong with its gas-powered trimmer.

Built for industrial and home use, this machine strikes a decent balance between cost and performance, hence an ideal pick if you’re on a budget.

It’s powered by a 23cc 2-cycle engine, which makes it a lot more powerful than a 4-stroke trimmer. Plus, it has 22-inch wide blade that can easily cut through twigs and branches as thick as an inch in diameter.

It weights around 11 pounds, which isn’t that bad. The load balance isn’t too shabby, so the weight distribution feels somewhat even. It’s very easy to use; unpack it from its storage, gas it up, and start trimming.

If you’ve used them for a while already, you know how hard gas-powered hedge trimmers can be to start. You have to pull the starter string several times before you can get down to work. Poulan addresses this issue, making it easy for you to start its trimmer with just a handful of pulls.

Not only does the engine start and run smoothly, the blades also gives fine cuts on the go. The rear control handle swivel well, allowing you to trim from different angles when required.


  • The rotating rear handle lets you trim hedges at different angles
  • The anti-vibration mechanism absorbs impact between the trimmer and the branches, so you don’t have to worry about fatigue
  • A lightweight model at a pocket friendly price tag
  • Easy to start and easy to use


  • Sometimes fails to start fast
  • Plastic parts feel rather flimsy and unfortunately cheap


4. Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Whether you’re in the market for a professional hedge trimmer for everyday use or you just need the power tool for occasional use, you may want to try the Husqvarna 122HD60 – and for good reasons.

It’s easy to start, its dual-action blades are sharp, it’s only 10.8 pounds in weight, and it trims out twigs and branches uniformly.

There is more to the 211.7cc engine than the unrecognizable noise. Because it’s optimized for better fuel consumption, this power too doesn’t guzzle up too much gas.

You can spend less on fuel and get a larger part of the job completed. The optimization alone makes this model an alternative to models with 2 stroke engines, like the Poulan and Echo.

Hedge trimmers can be hard to use especially on tough jobs that require you to cut for long hours. But the Husqvarna 122HD60 has a dampener that lessens the vibration from the machine, allowing you to trim twigs and branches for an extended period and achieve finer cuts.

The blade is about 24 inches wide, so it can go as high as 6 feet up without the need for a landscaping ladder. Its engine provides a higher performance power, while running smoothly and quietly, allowing you to cut twigs and branches as thick as an inch.


  • The sound from the engine is hardly noticeable
  • Somewhat lightweight with an even load balance
  • Husqvarna 122HD60 has an anti-vibration dampener that lowers stress on your arms and hands
  • Handle is easy to adjust, allowing you to trim at different angles
  • Easy to use; even beginners can quickly get the hang of it


  • Heavier than cordless hedge trimmers
  • It’s aggressively priced

5. Black Decker LHT360CFF Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Black Decker LHT360CFF isn’t one of the okayish cordless hedge trimmer doing the rounds. It’s a lightweight model that gets the job done and a very good one at that, with a few flaws of course.

With a power cut mechanism accessible with a push of a button, you have the total control and comfort required to cut and pun the hedge of your yard.

Cordless in design, this power tool is easy to maneuver, allowing you to move from one of the hedge to the other freely while at the same time trimming at different angles.

The 24-inch dual-action steel blades can cut through shrubs, twigs, and branches as thick as 15.inches. Added to the blades is a mechanism that reduces vibration on the go, and this makes it easy for you to use the power tool for an extended period.

Given that this is a battery-powered machine, the battery indicator is undeniably a powerful feature. Not only does the power indicator show you how much battery the device has consumed, it also shows you the level of charge as you juice it up. And when it comes to power, you can be sure that this model will  provide at extended runtime to let you finish your trimming work just in time.

This isn’t the most powerful power tool on this list, especially because the blades don’t cut from the tip. Given that they do so only from the middle, it’s only good for small trimming projects.

While it can easily cut branches as thick as 1.5 inches, it will struggle to get rid of the hard ones. So if you have a yard with tough flowers that demand regular trimming, this isn’t the best trimmer to use.


  • Recommended for a decent battery life
  • Battery level indicator included
  • The steel blades are sharp and robust, and they can cut through 1.5-inch thick branches and twigs
  • Good for light duty hedge trimming


  • This  trimmer isn’t suitable for larger branches
  • The blades aren’t strong enough to handle hard branches
  • Blades only cut in the middle

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