5 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House Review in 2021

You and I know one thing:

Painting a 2-story house is a lot of work.

But when you have the right kind of tools for the job, and you should, you can get the job done in the best of time.

One of the must-have equipment for the job is the best ladder for painting a 2-story house. So if you don’t have one yet, here are some options that you should consider.

Louisville Ladder 40-FtEditor’s Pick  
Little Giant 15442 LadderBest Budget  
Werner D1232-2 Extension-ladders, 32-FootBest Value  

Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House 

1. Louisville Ladder 40-Ft (Longest Ladder)

The Louisville lets you paint a 2-story building without worrying about falling over by accident. Being a great compromise between weight and strength, with a maximum holding capacity of 300 pounds, and extending by up to 40 feet, Louisville is no doubt a flexible ladder for the price point.

For starters, the Louisville ladder features a lightweight aluminum construction with a premium finish. And it includes toothed D rugs that offer a reliable shield against slipping, making the ladder more secure and stable, even for an extended period of use.

Louisville wouldn’t be as reliable without the mar resistant rails. Located at the very bottom, these caps ensure that the ground beneath doesn’t destroy the quality of the ladder, hence enhancing its lifespan. Louisville also adds something called the Quick Latch rung lock, which is quite handy in enhancing its elevation and making your overall work easier.

Moreover, the heavy-duty slide guides, placed at the top section, make it easy for you to elevate the height of the ladder almost in an instant. With a stop button added to the exact same location, you can be certain that the ladder won’t extend beyond what’s necessary for you.


  • Includes swivel safety shoes that have thick rubber treads
  • Aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • A sturdy and very stable ladder


  • You’ll have to buy rubber end caps separately

2. Louisville FE3228 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The FE3228 is one of the well-made models in the Louisville extension ladder series. It’s an ideal pick for short and extended painting job, because it provides the support and stability required to complete the task. We recommend it for its strength, stability, and reliability, although some people may find it somewhat heavy.

To begin with, the model features D rungs, which are quite handy in enhancing the overall stability as you work. In other words, the rungs ensure the ladder sticks to the point of attachment with the ground no matter how high you climb. It’s all about safety here, and the rungs let you work even for an extended period without worrying about accidental falls.

The fiberglass finish makes the Louisville FE3228 non-conductive, and this makes it an ideal option to use outdoors. Of course, this ladder won’t extend far beyond the regular height of a building. But provided your 2-story house has a patio, you should still be able to use it to paint the outside walls. Otherwise, it’s perfect for indoor use.

Louisville believes you need more stability as you climb and use this ladder, and they’re right. That’s why they include swivel shoes adapts to the design. Covered with a hard, durable rubber, the swivel shoes enhance the grip of your work shoes, thus enhancing stability while providing you with a good balance as you paint.


  • Includes heavy steel toe shoe swivels for reliable grip and stability
  • Quick Latch system included for safety on extended lock
  • Mar-resistant rails and caps for stable and more reliable grounding


  • This ladder is somewhat heavy

3. Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder

The Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder makes painting the interior of a two-story house easy. Whether it’s your first time on the job or you want to upgrade your current ladder to a more premium build, this is an option to consider. Only keep in mind that it’s a little pricier, so you may want to check other options on this list if you’re on a budget.

The SumoStance stands out because it’s light and it prioritizes on a user’s safety while remaining easy to use and maneuver. With pulleys side mounted on the ladder, the chance of tripping and falling off the ladder as you paint is zero. Even more interesting is the balance indicator, which helps you to make sure that the ladder is stable enough before climbing.

One of the things we love about the Little Giant SumoStance Extension Ladder is how lightweight it is. Generally speaking, it’s a lot easier to move around than the Louisville models. And the overall weight doesn’t compromise the quality of the build, its strength, or durability.

In addition to the ladder’s balance indicator, there are front-to-back angle and side-to-side bubble indicators, which makes it easy for you to adjust the ladder. So when it comes to getting the right spot first before climbing the ladder and getting started with your painting job, the SumoStance is a good pick.


  • Includes extra support legs that hinders side movements, hence stability
  • Fiberglass construction makes the ladder safe to use where electricity could pose threats
  • Lightweight ladder that’s easy to move around


  • The Little Giant SumoStance is expensive

4. Werner D1232-2 Extension Ladders

If a ladder can provide comfort, while at the same time allowing you to paint a building without worrying about falling over, then it’s more than an ideal choice to consider. That’s a perfect description of the Werner D1232-2 Extension ladder.

It may not be such a popular make among thousands of painters and construction worker, but at least it’s safe and secure enough to bring to your next 2-story house-painting job.

Let’s start with the obvious: the construction. Primarily, Werner uses lightweight yet strong aluminum to design this model. So while it feels lightweight to move from spot to spot in a building, it’s strong enough to manage a weight of up to 225 pounds. Its mar-resistant end caps protect rail ends and support surface from damage, while the I-beam rails ensure the ladder doesn’t bend, no matter how long it’s in use.

Werner D1232-3 even has spring-loaded locks that play a big role in enhancing its stability. To state the least, the locks ensure that the ladder sticks to the extended height, allowing you to do your painting job without the fear of unknown.

The glides at the bottom of the Werner D1232-2 allows for easy, on the fly extension. And the ALFLO rung system, the rungs stabilize every climb by providing a better grip. As such, you don’t have to worry about slipping as you climb or falling over as you paint the building.

It’s not just the grip and stability on your shoes and hands that matters when using a ladder. You also need to ensure the ladder doesn’t wobble from the ground point. Thankfully, Werner makes the D1232-2 model as stable as possible, allowing you to work without worrying about accidental injuries. To be precise, the model includes a Shu-Lok mechanism that keeps the ladder grounded in position and a spur that deeply plants it in place so it doesn’t wobble one bit.


  • Has deep grooves that provide better traction on wet grounds
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to move around
  • Aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Versatile enough to take to different jobs


  • Has a lower weight support limit than other ladders on this list

5. The Little Giant 15442 Ladder

The Little Giant 15442 is one of the top rated ladders in the market, thanks to its solid build and reasonable price point. Good for even an extended use, this model will hold up quite well on interior and exterior painting jobs.

The overall design of the Little Giant 15442 makes it one of the most versatile ladders in the market. From a performance standpoint, the flexibility gives you the freedom to use the model as a 19 feet high extension ladder or as an A-frame stepladder.

The rungs are well built and foot friendly. They ensure a proper balance and stability when painting the walls and ceilings while minimizing fatigue on long-term jobs. The rungs are deep enough to ensure secure grip and traction, allowing you to work well even without worrying about foot pain.

Little Giant 15442 stands out Unlike the Werner D1232-2, the Little Giant 15442 ladder supports a maximum weight of 300 pounds, so if you’re a painter who weighs a couple more pounds than normal, you’ll find this one to be much more reliable. With the fast rock locking mechanism, adjusting the ladder to a new position is easy and locking that position so it doesn’t alter your working experience is easy.

This isn’t a lightweight ladder, so it’s not going to be so easy to lift. However, you can use the wheels to move it from spot to spot, particularly if you expect to move around more often.


  • The convertible design makes it a versatile ladder
  • Made of premium grade aluminum for strength and durability
  • Includes wheels for easy transportation from place to place
  • The height is easy to adjust


  • This one is very heavy

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